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Friday, July 3, 2015

Tying Up Loose Ends

I had a great time in Cincinnati.  There are a few things I forgot to show you.  This is the fabric I bought at Silk Road Textiles.

 What am I going to make with it?  I have no idea, but I want to make something to wear with the blue one.  Each of these fabrics is reversible, you can use either side.  I think that is really cool.  I thought of maybe making a jacket with the blue but I haven't found a pattern that I want yet.  BTW, patterns are so expensive, what's the deal?

Stasi inspired me to finish my Needleworker sign.  I put it on the door to my sewing room (the one I close when I have guests!).  I used comic board and silk dupioni to finish it.  I put a loop on the back so I could hang it.  The first loop I messed up and put on the bottom of the sign instead of the top.  Duh.

This is Ophelia's undies.

I am so happy that I got her all finished.  That's her trunk in back of her.

Things I learned in Cincinnati:
1.  Merry's projects almost always have a bag or a box with them.
2.  I learned a great way to keep dupioni from raveling.
3.  Some people dry their toes, some people let their toes air dry.
4.  Skyline Chili is unique.  They give you free crackers too.
5. Not that many people have heard of A Girl of the Limberlost.
6. Waynesville is a great place to spend some time and money.
7.  Talking is the best way to make a long journey short.
8.  No matter where you go, you can always find good food.  I happen to find way too much of it though.
9.  Going to cross stitch classes is just the most fun.


  1. Great finish.
    Ophelia is so cute.
    The trunk is too cool.

  2. you are so lucky to have so many class opportunities within driving distance. Love your doll and all your classes looked so wonderful. I've never had a class with Merry, only something online of hers. thanks for the travelogue - enjoy the 4th - Mel

  3. What is the tip for keeping silk from unraveling?