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Sunday, July 13, 2014

You are My Sunshine

I put in the rays of the sun on Hampton Court.  Next is the sun's face.  I'm always a little iffy when it comes to stitching on metal threads.  But whatever.

I got the front of the Toy Box done finally.  I could still put my initials in the heart.  Just looking at the heart, I wonder if my initials will fit.  We'll see.

I put some stitches in the half doll.  The magazine has three pages of charts for this doll's skirt.  I am close to finishing the first page.  I like the colors.  I should put the doll next to it and see how well it goes with her.

I want to put some stitches in my Summer butterfly today.  He (she?) has eight parts to his/her wings and I am stitching part number three.  We already got more lessons.  So I am way behind.  Time to catch up!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous stitching. Congrats on finishing pg 1 on half doll:)
    love Annette