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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I went to Bed Bath and Beyond this morning.  I can not be trusted there.  I bought too much.  I now have enough Keurig cups to last me until October.  And I am the proud new owner of an OXO cherry pitter.

  I was actually looking for  a different pitter but this one is fine.

The lady that brought her Home Sweet Home box to class said that she found the lining fabric at JoAnn's so I went to our JoAnn's to see if I could find any.  I found red and blue but I want green.  I bought the blue but I'm still on the look out for green ticking fabric.  I also ran across some nice silver fabric that will be far easier to stitch with than the silver lame.  I made cording with the lame and wasn't really happy with it.  So I'm starting over with the new fabric.  It will be very pretty.
Yesterday I only worked on the button box for the Toy Box.  I got it all stitched.  Now I can cut it out and put it together.
I tried stretching the silk wrapped purl to see if it would wrap all the way around the sun on Hampton Court.  Nope.
  Luckily I have some more of the silk wrapped purl from my Cabinet of Curiosities class.
It would be great if I could finish the construction of the button box today. We'll see.

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