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Monday, July 7, 2014

It's Monday

It is Monday and the bathrooms are clean.  I've done my walking.  There is chili in the crock pot.  So things are under control.
I cut out the fish tail for Hampton Court.  I used two different scissors.  But maybe they weren't the best ones.

This is one that is for making lures for fishing.  It was recommended by a designer for a class I'm taking later this year.

Then these are applique scissors that are very sharp down to the tip.

Both have serrated blades.  I think I got close enough without cutting through any stitches.
I finished-finished the Best of Friends Strawberry.

Wouldn't you know that after I found some green felt and got it all on the strawberry that I found the felt that came in the kit?  Whatever.

I want to work on the front of the Toy Box today and see how far I can get.  Plus the step in Hampton Court is to put on some felt padding for the other part of the fish.


  1. Great work on the tail. :) The strawberry is so cool.

  2. The tail looks great.
    Love that Strawberry! :)