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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I woke up really cold today.  It is very cold for July here. 50 degrees.  I put on my MIT sweatshirt to go walking in but it was too huge for me to wear (Yeah!).  So I switched it out for a smaller one.

I got good mail yesterday.  I am an "Away Swan".  I joined the Swan Sampler Guild in Utah.  Since I don't live even remotely close to Utah, I qualify as an "Away Swan".  Someone told me that they often offer classes where one can buy the kit to classes they offer if you can't come to class.  I had thought of taking the Mistress L class that way but then I was able to take the class in person.  Anyway, every year they offer an ornament.  Money from the purchase of the ornament goes to sampler preservation.  I bought this year's ornament that was designed by Carolyn Standing Webb.  It is very sweet and it came in the mail yesterday.
It is a complete kit.  My favorite kind.

I like it and would like to start it but can't let myself until I get some other things done first.  Margaret mentioned that it was stressful for her to have too many projects going on at once.  I realized that I feel that way too.  I am so lucky to have so many fun things to work on but I feel pressure to get something done on them.  When you leave a partly stitched project sitting around for too long, you totally forget what you were doing on it.  So you have to reacquaint yourself to where you are and find all the parts to it and you've wasted a bunch of time before you've even put in a stitch.

I am working on the butterfly wings and hope to get wing#5 done today.

I am also working on the Toy Box Primer pin cushion and also hope to finish it today too.

  Someone asked how many more toys in this project.  Well, there is only one more, the scissors keep that is an Amish girl and boy.  Then I have to get the actual box stitched.
Happy stitching!


  1. Love watching your progress on all your projects. Mercy you do some interesting stitching. Love your Hampton interesting to look at, wish I could see it in person. Regarding the toy chest...did you get the crayon box, hobby horse, Jack in the box?

  2. Oooo! The Swan Sampler Guild...I've been thinking of becoming an "away swan" too :)

  3. Beautiful progress on your stitching. LOVE your kit you got - so pretty!
    love Annette

  4. What a pretty ornament.
    Can't wait to see this one done up.

  5. Oh boy, I just joined the Swan Sampler Guild as well! I'm also an "away" swan and ordered the upcoming Theresa Baird sampler this morning ("Delaware Inspiration"). I really like that ornament kit a lot. Your stitching is beautiful, and I can absolutely relate to that anxiety from having too many projects going at once. I've sworn I'm going to finish my WIP's and then stitch only ONE thing at a time. Look forward to seeing your stitched ornament. Happy stitching!