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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bearing RIngs

Well, the button box didn't get finished yesterday.  I was on a roll with other stuff, namely, the ring bearer's pillow.  I was much happier sewing on this new material but it presented it's own challenges.

 I got it all sewn and was admiring my work when I noticed that the cording had seriously frayed on one corner.  There was nothing else to do but try and salvage that corner by taking the entire corner apart and crossing my fingers that I could redo the cording and sew everything back together.  Otherwise, I would have to just completely start over.  Luckily my fix worked.  Now you can't tell which was the unruly corner.

  No, it wasn't that one.  But I'll sure be more careful with this material knowing that it frays like crazy.

I just have to figure out the ribbons.  How do they tie the rings onto a ring bearer's pillow?  I'll have to google that.  I'm not really happy with these ribbons, I have to shop around a bit.

I did get some of the finishing done on the button box.  It is cut out and interfaced.

The lining is cut.  I'm hoping it goes together like I want.  It really is quite tiny.  Only about 1 1/4 inch square on each side.

I finished off the sun face on Hampton Court. Unfortunately, I also accidentally clipped one of his rays.  I have to fix that.

 What's next?  The writing.  That will be challenging.  It is small and all done in split stitch.

I hope I can make it readable.
Happy Birthday to my BFF!


  1. Thanks for remembering my birthday, Amy. I am minutes away from being taken out to dinner -- Ymmmmm! -BFF

  2. I love how your projects are turning out and I think you were brilliant to make your sun entirely round. -BFF

  3. The wedding pillow turned out pretty.
    Love the sun on HC.
    The Toy Box will be so cute.