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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Midwest Summer Tour Day 3

I am good for two days in a row - I go walking again.  This time I walk down to Lynn's store since I now know where it is.  The weather is great even though it rained last night and there are puddles.
It is the second day of our Toy Box class.  The lady sitting at the next table has brought in her Home Sweet Home.  It is amazing.

It is great to see it in person.  Makes me think it is possible to finish it.  I have one side almost done and the roof.  This is another thing I want to get back to working on.  Too many things to stitch, too little time!!

Today in class we are going through all the directions.  We make the little drum sticks that will go on the drum waxer holder.  Darling.  The drum is made just like the thimble holder, so that will be easy to finish.

We get the tassel and twisted cord demonstration.  Even though I saw it two weeks ago, I need the refresher.  Now do I cut the cord around the head of the tassel or do I need to put glue on it?  That's what I wasn't remembering.  Now I have it straight.  Another exercise we do is to use skirtex and paper strips to make a Jacob's ladder toy.  It was easy with Betsy's step by step directions.  I know I won't have any trouble when it comes time to make the needlebook.

Our options for lunch are limited because it is Sunday.  Yola's isn't open.  I was wanting to have another one of those fabulous waffles.  Oh well.
Here are my finishes so far:
The thimble holder is done.  I love the design of it.  The thimble sits on that little spool inside.

Then since I've been home I have finished the drum waxer holder:

I didn't make the waxer correctly and I may do it again.  Right now it is holding together and it is cute.
I started a couple more of the toys too:

I got to see some of Terry's stash and I am very impressed.  She is going to have to live to be 110 though.
We have a very long drive home.  Terry is used to big city driving and gets us through Chicago just fine.  We get back late at night.  Thank you to Terry for the ride.  It went fast because we were talking all the way.  We even missed an exit because we were engrossed in conversation.
What a fun weekend!  I am so lucky!


  1. That toy box is just adorable. Good luck with yours.

  2. What a great project.
    Glad you had fun!