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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colored Pencils

I finished another toy for the Toy Box.  It is the box of colored pencils.  This is a scissors fob.  I was happy with my tassel.  I'm getting better at making them.

The goal for today is to finish the front of the Toy Box.  I think this is the hardest side.  We'll see.

I forgot to update you on the half doll project.  I worked my way up to the top to see if the piece of fabric is big enough.  It is just barely big enough!

I am having trouble finding one of the colors I chose.  I used Gloriana Twilight.  I looked for a skein of it when on the Midwest Summer Tour and couldn't find any.  It seems to be out of stock at the moment.  I was using some Twilight left over  from the Edinburgh Reticule.  I'll have to see how far it goes.
I found a darling fish pin cushion made of beads on Pinterest.  I wish I knew how to make it or how to turn it into cross stitch.

It is a lovely day here.  Oh to be able to bottle a day like this and have it in January!

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  1. Congratulations on the scissor fob finish. It looks wonderful and your tassel is beautiful. I can't believe you got this much done when you weren't feeling up to par. Can't keep a stitcher down.