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Friday, July 18, 2014


I am so tickled with how Hampton Court is turning out.  I finished stitching the writing and couched some gold pearl purl on either side of the writing.

It looks so much more finished now.  There is more couching to go.  A beige or blue stretched silk wrapped purl is put under each of the gold couching.  Then I will be on to the hillocks.  There's like six or eight hillocks and I am done!  I really can finish this.  I must thank Betsy Morgan for inspiring me to get this done.

Then I made good progress on the Toy Box.  You can tell when I'm afraid to do something, I keep putting it off.  I was afraid of messing up the finishing on the button box and avoided it.  But last night I was brave and just jumped in and did it.  It turned out pretty well.  I kind of did it my own way.  That's why I was a little hesitant.  It was risky to do it not following the directions.  I didn't sew the lining sides together.  At all.  I just ironed them and hoped they would lay nicely.

 I'm pretty happy with it.  It is missing something.  It's lid.  I finished stitching the lid and just have to put it together with it's lining and attach it.

 That's my goal for today.  Then I also finished stitching the Jacob's ladder needlebook.  It just needs to be put together also.

DQ wanted to know the website for the fish pin cushion.  It is:  She has an Esty shop and some other kits/patterns for sale.  There is no pattern for the fish pin cushion but she might make one.   Maybe we should let her know how many people would like this:
Have a fun Friday!

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  1. Remarkable stitching! Hampton Court is so gorgeous that everytime I see your progress my heart soars!!! I have seen so many outstanding needleworks but this one belongs in the Stitchers Hall of Fame (there should be one)!!!
    love Annette