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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Band

Good mail yesterday.  I ordered Amy Mitten's Fifty Shades of  Not Grey a week ago.  I didn't pay for fast mail.  I can't believe I got it yesterday.  What a nice surprise!

There is another set coming out March 23 of darker colors.  It is nice silk thread.

 I love thread.  I love having lots of choices around when I want to change colors.  It is cool to have them all in a little book all sorted and labeled.

 Especially when I have such a mess of threads everywhere.

I finished to top band of the Elizabethan Etui.  I'm officially on a roll.

 Now to start the lower band today.  I started the scissors fob as it looked very quick and easy.

I put my initial on Friesland.  One more large motif and I am done with another page of the chart.  That's my goal for today too.

I didn't work on The Traveler's second handle.  I will put in a few more yellow flowers today.
Lots to do!


  1. Wonderful colors!!
    And I love your Friesland.
    Greetings Marion

  2. Why do you call the Edinburgh Etui 'Elizabethan' - am I missing something?

  3. The threads look gorgeous.
    Still loving Friesland.