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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Tree

It is supposed to be 40 degrees today.  Wow that's a heat wave!  The walking is done and the bills are paid so I'm on to other things.  Yesterday I got the tree all done on Eleonora's Box.  It took all day, ugh.  Now the goal is to finish stitching the back.  The last side will be easy (hopefully not tedious).

I was trying to finish the flower on the "v" but didn't quite make it last night.  So today, I'll finish the flower.

I've been looking at the things coming out at the Nashville market.  There are a bunch of GPA things that I want.  Not need, just want.  But on the other hand I am encouraged to start working on my casket.  Rachael ( has inspired me.  She put a music box in her casket.  I love it.  She told us the place to get one.  Now I have a source for a very nice music box.  But first I'm going to put hand marblized paper on the bottom and trays of the casket. I found a place on Etsy that has the paper I like.  I requested the Etsy person to make the paper design in blue but I haven't heard from her yet.  Rachael also put mirrors around the inside of her casket.  I think I'd like to do that too.  I used to get mirrors at the hardware store but it's gone.  So I'll have to see if another local store cuts mirrors for a reasonable (cheap!) price.
I love a day when the sun is shining!

1 comment:

  1. Great progress, the tree looks intense.
    That would be such a cool casket with a music box!