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Monday, February 16, 2015

Error Message

I couldn't post yesterday and this morning because I couldn't log in to my blog.  I finally got in so time to update you on what I'm doing.
I finished stitching the ebay needlebook.  It was a fun stitch.  I used my own linen and threads and lining.
I went to my silk dupioni stash and found a piece that was black and white check that will match with the design perfectly!

So I finished this off.  It still doesn't bend in the middle as flat as I would like.  I put it uder a book overnight to help it get used to bending.

I found my bag of Williamsburg stuff and pulled out The Traveler.

 It was my early bird class.  I changed a bit of the front oval.

 Now I am working on the sides and changing those up a bit too.  I don't like working over one if I can help it.

I love watercolor.  One of my favorite watercolorists is Carolyn Brady.  I have a book of her watercolors.

I enlarged and printed one of the watercolors in the book for my casket.  Here is what it looks like in the botton of my casket.

This makes my casket so totally me.  I'm copying Rachael and going to put mirrors around the sides.  They will reflect the flowers all around.  Then on top of the print I'm going to get a music box.  A fancy-dancy one that plays Brandenberg Concertos.  Santa might give me that for Christmas.  I went to Hobby Lobby today to see if they could cut mirrors for the inside of my casket.  No, they don't do mirrors.  So I'll go to a hardware store and see if they can do it for me.


  1. Such a beautiful needlebook. Love the silk fabric you selected for it - perfect!
    And gorgeous idea to place the roses watercolor print in your casket. Hope you do find someone to cut the mirrors for you. love Annette

  2. That turned out so pretty.
    The next project is interesting.

  3. Wonderful needlebook!! I love it!