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Friday, February 6, 2015


I kept looking for that alphabet so I could stitch my great-niece-to-be's name.  So I went back to where I thought it was in the first place.  And I found it!  She will have just a three letter name so it should be easy to stitch.  Then I'll either make it into a pillow or frame it.  I hope it won't look too "old ladyish" to my niece.  I started the middle letter.

I worked my way over to the other side of the back of Eleonora's Box.  Today my goal is to get the tree Elly is sitting under all done.

I got my first initial stitched on Friesland.

The weather is going to be warmer this weekend.  Yeah!


  1. love the William Morris fabric and Strawberry thief piece in your last post. All your projects are lovely - the Eleanor needlework case is stunning. Hope your weekend is great ! Mel

  2. ♥ beautiful ♥

  3. Great projects.
    I'm loving Friesland.
    Love the colors of this design.