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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Crown Me

I got one more thistle stitched and worked my way over to the crown.  That was when I realized that the crown is all worked over one.  But hey, I like crowns so much that I don't even care!   I would like to get this band half done today but that is asking a lot.  We'll see. . .

The Traveler is so almost done.  I finished stitching the inside pocket and sewed it on.

Then I started sewing the two panels together.  It went pretty well but it is fiddly.  I'm so glad I have a handy dandy pair of pliers to help.

 But the question  remains, where do the magnets go?  I vaguely remember something about them holding the scissors in.  I think the purse needs a little help staying more or less closed.  I like the handles on the inside instead of the outside.

 I tried using the ribbon to hold the little spools but it sags a bit and I couldn't get it to go through the small hole in the side.

 I think I'll use pearl cotton and a bead instead and maybe put a ribbon bow on each side.

It is still frigid here.  Minus six this morning.  We are hoping for a 40 degree day on Tuesday.  It was fun to peruse the Attic's latest newsletter today.  I am hoping to see some posts about the Nashville market also.  I more that just a snipet of those With Thy Needle and Thread designs.


  1. Love the Thistles!
    The Traveler is an intense project, you are doing a great job on it.