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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Not Quite

I am not quite done with the back of Eleonora's Box.  There are two more plants to complete.  So I'm very very close.

I got the "A" done on the great-niece-to-be name.  Only one more to go.

I have been working on the ribbon border on Friesland and wondering if it would match up when I got all the way around.  And the answer is YES!  Whew, I was glad about that.  It will make putting in all the other motifs easier to begin.

The kid across the street is building a snowman.  The snow is very heavy and I am watching to see if he can get it piled up.
He did pretty well.


  1. Eleonora's box is gorgeous, love the colors

  2. Looks like you're almost there!
    Pretty letters and Friesland is coming along nicely,