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Monday, February 9, 2015


As usual for a Monday, I've done my walking and the bathrooms are clean.  I'm pretty sick of Eleonora's Box.  But I know I'm close to finishing it out.  I started on the last (!) side.  I need to get some more done on that today.  I have read parts of the directions several times and hadn't found dimensions for cutting the cardboard.  But yesterday I happen to notice that the designer did include the estimated sizes to cut.  Yeah!  That will make things easier when it comes time to put this sucker together.  Will I be glad to get this done?  You betcha!

I totally finished that ribbon around Friesland.  I did it while watching Downton Abbey.  I've found that I associate what I'm watching on TV with what I am stitching at the time.  So when I go back to Friesland, I'll remind me of Downton Abbey.  Weird.

I put a few stitches in the Quaker Sewing Bag/box. The colors are way off in this photo.  The linen is star sapphire - really.

 It goes so slowly, but it will be a masterpiece when done.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.