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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Traveler

I worked mainly on The Traveler yesterday.

 I got the sides done and started one of the pockets.
The front oval is supposed to have an edging stitched on it.  I didn't like the edging so I took it out.  I think twisted cording will look better.  I am thinking of ways to change the handles.  They are densely stitched but it just seems like busywork to me.  I want something pretty.  I want to put long arm cross stitch on the edges but I'm not sure how to round the corners.  I may just fidde with it and see what it looks like.  Then I would like to stitch a flower design down the middle of the handle.  I intend to read the directions today (really!) and see if I can start bringing this design together.

It uses quilt template plastic.  Since the sides are stitched I think I can whip them together with no trouble.  There are several more pockets to stitch.

It feels good to concentrate on one design for a while and just see how far I can get.
It is snowing again.  UGH.
I am almost done with the second corner of Friesland.

 I stitched it while watching Better Call Saul so that what I think of when I see it.  Crazy show.
I want to start reading a book.  I have at least a dozen on my IPad.  The one I want to start is The Girl on the Train.

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