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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm an Idiotc, Chapter 23

I've been calling my latest project Elizabethan Etui.  That is not it's name.  I don't know why I made that mistake.  Thank you Sandra for setting me straight.  This project is actually named the Edinburgh Etui.

 I took this class at Salty Yarns (I love Salty Yarns!) last June along with the Edinburgh Reticule.  I finished the Reticule but hadn't touched the Etui until now.  I finished up the other side of the scissors fob yesterday and started the bottom band.

 It is going better (faster!) than I thought it would.  I worry about being able to do  the thistles and roses.  Betsy has kindly included charts so you can do cross stitch or embroidery for those motifs.  I really want to try the embroidery.  I need to reread her page of directions on how to do it.  I know we practised a little - last June.  I need to refresh my memory on this.

I put some parts of  The Traveler together yesterday.  I finished up stitching the second handle.  I decided that I wanted the handles to  be sewn between the front and the back panels instead of on the front.  They were supposed to have these mother of pearl rings on them.  I'll do something else with the rings.  Then I decided to sew the sides to the front. There are some magnets in the kit but I forget where they go.

 Now all that needs to be stitched is that inside pocket before I can sew the panels together and be done.  I need to get that pocket started today.

I barely started a large motif on Friesland.  I will get more done on that today too.

It is still very cold here but we are getting used to it.  What a glorious day it will be when we hit 50 degrees!  But that won't happen this month.  I was dismayed to realize that Daylight Savings Time starts March 8th.  UGH.


  1. Your Edinburgh project is really moving along. I took the class in October with an EGA group but haven't touched it since the class. I love the project but the embroidery is a challenge.

    I enjoyed my visit and love all the projects you are working on.

  2. beautiful ♥ work

  3. Doesn't matter what you call it, it's still beautiful.
    Love the colors in Friesland.

  4. Of all the beautiful things you have stitched I think the Edinburgh Etui is my favorite. Are you taking another class at Salty Yarns?

    Barbara in OKC