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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Swan a Swimming

I got the swan fixed on the back of Eleonora's Box.  I can't count, that is the problem.  Anyway my goal today is to get the back fully half done (or more!).

The mailman was able to come yesterday in spite of too much snow.  I was able to go to the Y in the afternoon and get my steps in.  I got two USA Todays this morning.  Things are getting back to normal.  We are expecting three more inches of snow tonight.  How many days till spring?  Too many.

I started couching the Pearl Purl down on the easy UK kit, the star.

  My thread broke twice so I decided to use some beading thread instead.  Maybe I'm not doing something right.

I saw on Jackie DuPlessis's facebook page that someone had completed her September Morning project from Williamsburg.  That makes me want to work on mine.  I'll have to find it first.  Now which purple bag is it?

1 comment:

  1. The Swan is pretty.
    Good start on the UK kit.