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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Sometimes I don't like where I live.  The weather is just awful.  We are getting more lake-effect snow.  I was able to get to the Y this morning to walk so I can stay home now.

Sometimes I don't like what I am working on.  I got some of the finishing done on The Traveler.  I got the medallion put on the front.
It needed something around the edge so I added some twisted cording.  Why green cording?  I'm lazy.  I had a piece of green cording on the table next to me and it didn't look too bad so I used it.  I like the bow with it.  It still need to be sewn on.
I got the sides put together.  I changed the design from over one yellow flowers to larger pin stitch flowers.
 This is the inside.  It will have a pocket on each side.
I still have to stitch the handles.  Each handle has two sides and it is a lot of busy work.  So I have worked out an easier pattern.
There is also a pocket that goes on top of an inside pocket.  I still have to figure out what I want to do.  No yellow flowers over one.  I refuse!  I'm not in the mood!  I want this to be done!
I put in a small motif on Friesland.  It's not done yet.  I love the Potion Green color.

  Sometimes I just want to start something new.  Sometimes I can't find that something in my stash.  Sometimes I have to just keep looking.

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  1. You're really going to tone on this piece.
    It will be pretty.