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Thursday, February 5, 2015


I'm going to be a Great Aunt again in April.  That means I need to make a stitched gift.  They have decided on a name already.  So I wanted to stitch her name (yes, it's a girl!).  So I went looking for the alphabet I used to stitch "Sophia".  It was a kit from Sweden or somewhere.  Can I find it?  Not yet.  I went through all the places that I thought I might have put it.  In the process of looking I found some other stuff.  I started digging in the laundry basket of shame and found many things that I had forgotten about.  I found a completed Nostalgic Needle design that is reminiscent of a William Morris design called strawberry thief.  I was reminded how much I like this design.  I should finish it off so I can enjoy it.  So I did.

 I had some William Morris fabric that I just love so I put that on the back.  It is very sweet.

I worked out the face on Eleonora's Box.

I just left out about three stitches on her profile and added a few stitches at her neck.  I'm happy she doesn't look like Ernest Borgnine.  I did get the back half finished.  So today I will work on the other half of the back.

I want to get the ribbon farther along on Friesland.

 I should work on some of the over one motifs on Amy Mitten's Quaker Bag too.

1 comment:

  1. It's almost like someone hides things on us!
    I know I can never find all of my floss colors.
    I swear someone does that on purpose. :)
    Cute ornament, and great progress on your other pieces.