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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Rose is a Rose

I just realized that I misspelled "idiot" in the post title yesterday.  How ironic is that?  I'm not even going to fix it.

I stitched a rose on the Edinburgh Etui.

 It went pretty well. I'm pretty happy with it.

I have to look at it with new eyes today and see if it needs any fixing.  I'd sort of like to have some yellow french knots in the middle.
Today I want to stitch a thistle and see how that goes.

I got a good start on the large motif on Friesland.

I worked out a design for the inside pocket of  The Traveler.

 So close to being done!
We have a new grocery store in town so I had to stop by this morning to check it out.  It says it has fresh, local and organic food.  They forgot to say expensive!  But it is fun to have new and interesting things available.  They even had macarons in their bakery.

 I got one of each flavor.  We'll see how long they last.


  1. That rose is such a beauty! Enjoy your macarons...

  2. Pretty rose. "Fresh local organic" are code words for "all your money."

  3. beautiful rose ♥♥♥

  4. I noticed that you has misspelt idiot yesterday but I thought one reprimand was enough for this week.

  5. What a pretty rose.
    the Macarons look yummy!