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Saturday, February 21, 2015


I got little bits done yesterday.  I put the little pocket on the back of  The Traveler.

I finished up whipping together a handle.  I don't like how it bends but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I started stitching the second handle.  The one thing I haven't started yet is the stitched inside pocket.  I'll have to see about attaching the sides on too.

I finished up the top of the lid to the Elizabethan Etui.

I started the band that goes around the lid.  You have your choice whether to do a trellis stitch or a Rhodes on the thistle.  I think I can do a trellis.  There is a sheet of directions for it in the pattern. Amy Mitten's projects have walked me through a trellis stitch before.  I'll try one and see if it looks nice.

I really like the combination of threads that Betsy chose for this project.  The band has three sections over two sheets of charts.  This is just the first section but it is going pretty fast.  There are some smalls to this project also.  I'm tempted to start the scissors fob.

I finished up a motif on Friesland and started another.

We are having a heat wave today - we may get up to thirty degrees.  That's a big change from yesterday's minus ten.  The walking track at the Y was interesting today.  There were preschool kids trying to play basketball and Army Reservists doing some training.  The big and the little.


  1. All of the projects you are working on are beautiful. I especially like the Elizabethan Etui. It still amazes me at how fast you are able to complete projects.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Love the projects you are working on

  3. Wow that little pocket is beautiful and looks like the handle is correct some people attach pockets to a lining for inside after outer purse is made. Your handy work is wonderful love to see this!