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Friday, February 20, 2015

One Handle

I finished stitching one of the two handles.

I am in the middle of stitching it together.  I got bored.  So I went looking for the Elizabethan Etui.  It was in the pile that I thought it was.

 It's linen was not in the bag!  So I went looking for that and found it nearby.  Whew!  So I figured out where I was and decided to try and finish the top of the lid.  I got pretty close.

 I still have to fill in two roses but that won't take long.
That's all that got done yesterday.  I read a bit in The Girl on the Train but I kept nodding off.
I'm off to the Post Office. It's so cold here that school was cancelled.  One month from today I have a class!  Yeah!

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