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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trial and Error

I finish-finished the Trevelyon Holly ornament.  I am proud of myself for getting this all done.  It isn't my usual  type of project.  It turned out fine.
The front side.

The back side.
 I started out following the directions and then I took it apart and did it my way.  I used the sewing machine to sew the linen front and back together but I didn't like that a bit of the linen was visible between the red outlines.  So I took it apart and laced the outlines together.  Much better.

It was not too hard to stitch the purse to the purse hardware.  First time didn't work out so well so I had to do it twice. Then there was the lining.  I used the pattern in the magazine and it was just a bit small.  I didn't like how the lining looked frayed at the corners.  So I re-cut the lining (thank goodness I had enough fabric) and tried again.  Much better.

I am very happy with how it turned out.  In actuality, I finished this twice!

There was no school yesterday so I couldn't see Dylan.  I went today instead.  On Mondays we have the room to ourselves.  On Tuesdays there are five other mentors and mentees in the room.  Dylan wanted to make smoothies but the noise would have been too distracting for the other people in the room so we will do that next week.  Next week he also wants to make some of our hand lotion as a gift for his sister's birthday.

We bought a happy chair!  This morning we went to the furniture store and paid for the chair I tried out last week.  It is a wonderful chair and I am so lucky!  It is to be delivered on Friday.   I'm still working on trying not to look like a hoarder in my sewing room.  Where am I going to put all this stuff????


  1. The Trevelyon looks wonderful. You deserve to feel pleased with yourself.

  2. Your little purse is just gorgeous!! You really should give yourself a pat on the back for this effort. Finishing is so hard and yours came out beautifully!! Laura

  3. The purse turned out just lovely!

    May I make a suggestion about your over-crowded sewing room? How about copying Tricia's idea and have some giveaways? It has been very fun to see what she is parting with each day :)

  4. Gorgeous! Don't you just hate sewing things twice. I like both the front and back.