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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Killer Shrimp

When we were in LA we ate at a restaurant called "Killer Shrimp".  Guess what their specialty is.  Shrimp of course.  They give you a big bowl of huge shrimp in a very spicy broth and a bowl of bread slices to soak up the broth.  They sell t-shirts with "Killer Shrimp" on them.  So son#1 and I got a shirt.  I got a girl one and I got a size extra-large just to make sure is was roomy.  Well, it is California where the girls are tall and thin and tan. Unfortunately I am not.  My shirt is tighter than I like but it is fine to wear to exercise class.  Then yesterday I got a new pair of old lady shoes.  They are the comfortable ones I wear around the house.  So I look a bit comical today with a too tight Killer Shrimp shirt and old lady shoes.  But who cares?

I am working on the front of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  I got the basement done and have started the first floor windows.  I can't seem to put this down.  I wanted to put some berries into the Trevelyon Holly ornament but I couldn't pull myself away.

I like a comment attributed to John Lennon:  Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.  Cool.


  1. The basement you are building looks great. I should start mine this year - maybe?

  2. I had to smile with your comment on the t-shirt ... it's unique! ;-).
    You've made a nice progress on the Painted Lady Sewing Case!
    Have fun stiching (or doing someting else) this weekend!

  3. Painted Lady look fabulous!
    I can not believe anyone thought you looked comical in your new outfit-with that t-shirt and old lady shoes people may see you as very interesting and mystique. You stand out from the crowd at that time, always a liberating and proud thing to do, you go girl!

    Have a nice and stitching-alot-weekend, hugs from
    Anette & Skruttan