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Thursday, January 31, 2013

To the Right

I finished the left side of the front of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  I am irritated at the designer because there is no master chart,  the charts are black and white with no indication of what color goes where,  there isn't a good photo of the project and the directions are incomplete.  There is a black and white xerox of the front but I can't tell what color to do some of the things around the door and I am having to guess.  I hate that.  There is a page of small photos of the case but I can't find it at the moment - which drives me crazy.
I'm frustrated!

The happy chair won't be delivered until Monday.  But that means I have two more days to work on cleaning up the sewing room.  I've decided to get rid of some magazines just to have room to store charts.
I am making progress but it is painful.  I have some things to put on ebay.
So far we have 5 inches of snow (with a lot more expected) and all the schools are closed today. I decided not to venture out to exercise class.   DH is going to the store anyway, let's hope he makes it back okay.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the next lesson of Cabinet of Curiosities.

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