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Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got the #4 fine passing thread for the Trevelyon Holly ornament yesterday.  So I had to try it out and see how it is going to look.  I got out the Japanese needle for it.

It seems a strange shape and a bit crude in design but it works and so far I haven't damaged the linen which is a very fine count.  This thread is very expensive.  I've never paid 25 dollars for a spool of thread before.

 Wow.  It really does make this project look nice and finishes it off well.  I still have to add the spangles.   I have more of the gold thread to couch down.  It looks a lot like it is a supposed to look, see?

The other side should look nicer.  I'll make the berries more uniform in style and thread.  I used three different stitches and two different threads on the back.

I wanted to try the gold thread as an experiment.  I needed to know if I want to use it on my casket or not.  I really like how is looks so thumbs up.
I got all the way around doing the second row of nun's stitches.  My reward was to get to start the lettering on the back. I'm being so good with this project and following the directions.

It is so warm here that all the snow has melted and it feels like spring.
Happy Saturday!

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