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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lost and Found

I went looking for the Victorian Painted Lady Sewing Case pattern.  It wasn't in the pile I thought it was.  Turns out that I was more organized that I realized.  I had punched holes in the edge of the pattern and put it in a notebook.  Now I have no excuse for not starting it.

I tried making a little thread winder souvenir with a picture and an octagonish shape.  I wrapped thread around it trying to figure out how to cover the whole thing with thread.  I used the premium floss from Hand Dyed Fibers.  Pearl cotton works better.  I'm wondering if a stiffer board would be better.  In our December class we learned how to make paper thread winders.  But the thread obscures the picture on it.  Maybe they are only ornamental.

Wonder of wonders, I cut out some of the lining fabric and some of the Soft 'n Stable to quilt for the lining of the oil cloth bag.  I got special sewing machine needles to use for the quilting.  Now I just need to try it.  I have so much lining fabric left over, I think I must be missing something.  Maybe I'm supposed to use a piece of lining fabric on either side of the Soft 'n Stable.

I worked one more berry on the Trevelyon Holly Ornament.  I am wanting to try a different stitch.  How about something similar to a  round Rhodes stitch?  That would  be a little bit raised but much smoother than this trellis stitch.  I would like to try a different stitch (long and short) for the leaf too.  I don't really like the stitches I'm using.  I've got to think about this.

My garage door opener quit working.  We are having a new one installed this afternoon.  The opener was 20 years old so I guess it is time to replace it.

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  1. This sewing case looks really neat! Didn't know it nor Gail Rogers but it's really tempting ;-)
    You've already made a good start in the meanwhile!