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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Can I just start yesterday all over again?  I messed up everything I started.  I'm paying stupid tax - again.  I cut out the lining for the oil cloth bag but I later realized that the fish are swimming up stream.  I cut it the wrong direction! Duh.  

Luckily I have more material that I can cut.  I was wondering how come I had so much leftover fabric.  Now I know, they must have known I would make a mess out of the first cut.  I am going to sandwich the lining and the Soft 'n Stable.  I found the stencil pattern for the quilting.  I wanted something that looked like waves.

Then I messed up the stitching for the Victorian Painted Lady Sewing Case.  I was so proud of myself for getting all the way around the back of the case with nun stitches.

Then I realized that the canvas was too small.  The front and back are joined and are one piece.  So I have to start over on a larger piece of congress cloth.  All those nun stitches for nothing!  Rats!  I'll just blame the directions for not making it clear.   Now I know what size the case is going to be.  It is way bigger that I imagined.
Let's hope today goes better.
Chili for dinner.

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