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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back on Track

My right sacroiliac has been bothering me since Saturday.  The chiropractor hasn't been in until today.  Now I am fixed and can quit complaining already.  It is amazing what a few whacks with a little rubber hammer can do.  I have had a lot of help from a heating pad as well.  But now I am back to normal.  I took down the Christmas tree yesterday.  It is nice to have things back to usual.  We still have some caramel corn hanging around.

I am proud of myself for working on the leaves of the Trevelyon Holly ornament until they were done.

Now I am working on the berries with the Trellis stitch.  The berries look raised and bumpy.  I'm not sure I am doing it right but it looks okay.

I've decided this is going to be the back of the ornament.  The front will be stitched much more competently I'm sure.  I don't have the gold laying thread yet so I have to quit once I get the leaves and berries done.

I stitched the ugliest bead ever yesterday.

It really is hideous.  Why those colors?  Why leave the inside shapes unstitched?  Then I got to thinking, hey, we didn't make the bead that is pictured for the class.  That's bait and switch!  I am trying to decide how best to complain, er I mean, ask about it.  Or do I just try it on my own?  It isn't that hard and I can do it.  It is just irritating that you sign up for a class based on a photo of a bead that isn't included in the class.  No fair.  I tried fixing the Jessica stitch on one of the beads and it looks much better.

I'm actually glad to have learned how to make a Jessica stitch that looks continuous.

I see lots of projects that I have abandoned last year.  I want to finish some of them up.  So I'll locate some of my UFO's and give them some attention.

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