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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Positive Attitude

I am going to keep a positive attitude today.  I am so happy that I got all the way around with the nun's stitches for the front and back of the Painted Lady Sewing Case.

What an exciting photo!
Mind you, there is also an inside front and an inside back to go.  But I read ahead as I was anxious to do some of the design.  If I get the second row (that is on top of the first row) of nun stitches done, I can start the wording on the back of the case.  The nun stitched edge is looking nice and neat.  I am getting faster at doing the nun's stitches.  I am not using a frame though.  I am scrunching.  Don't tell.  Luckily I found the silk floss that I ordered for this.

I got an email that the gold thread that was backordered at Needle in the Haystack is winging it's way east to me.  That means I have to get going on the Trevelyon Holly ornament.  I am trying to find my comfort zone and have decided that it doesn't include trellis stitch.  I tried using more of a rhodes stitch for some berries.  Then last night I tried just a satin stitch.  The winner so far is the satin stitch.

I don't like the pink berries so I haven't put any in.  But right now the ornament has so many berries!

When the gold thread connects them, it will look a lot better and make more sense.  This is definitely the back of the ornament!  I should just start over but I don't want to.

I used the itunes card that Santa gave me to rent a movie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and download a book (Kinsey and Me) to my ipad.  I am very proud of myself for doing this without help from DH.  Now I am ready for California.  I have lots to occupy me on that long flight.

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  1. Trevelyon is looking good. I too hate trellis stitch. How long is the flight to California?