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Monday, January 28, 2013

Done Sort Of

I was so thrilled to finish the stitching on the Trevelyon Holly Ornament.

I really like how the second side turned out.  It sure helped to work out all my problems on the first side.  Also a little practice with the metal thread was useful.  I read through the magazine finishing instructions.  I was rather confused as there was a reference to withdrawing a thread and nun's stitches.  What nun's stitches?!?  I am ignoring that part as I have no idea what they are referring to.  I think the finishing is much like how I do Christmas stockings:  stitch the outside together and attach to the purse top, then stitch the lining together and stick it inside and stitch around the top.  That is my goal today to do the finishing on this ornament.

I am making good progress on the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  It will be interesting to finally get to working on the right side of the front.

I signed up for Spring Fling!  It was hard to decide whether to go or not but last year was so fun.  The room and food are great and the camaraderie among stitches is very nice.  I know many people there too.  I'm not getting any younger, I might as well just go for it.

Thistle Threads listed some more things for sale on her blog.  Uh-Oh.

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  1. I definitely like your adaptation of Trevelyon much better. Well done.