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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Second Verse Same as the First

I am whittling away on the Painted Lady Sewing Case.  I started the second floor windows which are the same as the first floor windows but a stitch or two shorter just to make me pay attention.  I don't like the white silk as it isn't as white as the congress cloth and has a tendency to look a little dingy.  One probably won't notice when the whole thing is done but it is bugging me along the way.  Makes me wonder what other floss would look whiter, or if working on an off white congress cloth would be better.

I am so happy with what I got done on the Trevelyon Holly ornament.  I got all those measles done and all the leaves.  Now I am couching down the gold passing thread.  It is looking a bit neater than the other side.  Just a few more pieces of gold thread and then I can put on the paillettes.  Then it will be time to put it all together.  Yeah!

I got the kit for the Vintage Strawberry online class.  I will probably regret saying this but it looks easy.  All the directions are included so I could start on this anytime.  I was lucky to spy a hoop on my table.  It had one of those projects in it that uses all french knots.  It has been on the table a long time, like years.  So I just popped it out and am using it for the strawberry.  I didn't really like making a design with just knots anyway.

Happy Sunday!

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