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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will it turn Out?

I am working on the Mary Englebreit ornament for Claire.  I'm working on 35 count white linen with DMC threads.  I wasn't sure it was going to turn out small enough.  I wasn't sure the colors would work together.  After some more stitching, I think it is coming together and will be fine.  I thought maybe the black backstitchig all around the edge would be too much for the soft colors.  But it is the Mary Englebreit style.  I might have cut the linen a little small.  I have to put in the wing and see if I get perilously close to the edge.  This is a pretty quick stitch.  I would like it to be smaller but it is what it is.

Yesterday I got a Sampler and Antique Magazine that I bought on the Bay of Evil.  I saw a darling little strawberry sampler on somebody's blog and wondered where it came from.  Well, it is one of four seasonal samplers that fit the mini clock by Olde Colonial.  So of course, I had to order the clock too.  I ordered it from The Silver Needle along with some Simply Wool threads to do the Erica Michael's Needle Nut piece that I won at the retreat.

I didn't get all my finishing done yesterday.  I wasn't sure about the Strawberry Hill finishing.  I sewed it together, putting in two small pockets, hoping that it would look okay folded in half.  But the way I have it, everything will fall out of the pockets.  I'm just not sure whether to take it apart and try a different configuration or just leave it.  I've got to think about it some more.
It is a lovely day.  I left on time for exercise class and every light was green for me.  I should buy a lottery ticket.

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