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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Again

I am amazed at how fast the week goes by.  It just whizzes past when I am not looking!
I am trying to tie up loose ends.  I want to concentrate on things that have been sitting around waiting for a little bit of attention and get them out of the way.  My sewing room is such a mess.  When things keep falling off my table and I can't get to my sewing machine for all the junk piled on it, something has to change!
So I finished off the little strawberry that I started on my way to Spring Fling this year.  I really like how my twisted cording turned out.  I am using a new method and my sewing bird.

I took out the sunflower on my temari that was too big and sloppy.  I put it in again even using the original threads.  Then I started on the "obi" around the equator of the temari.  I am very close to finishing this off.  I've told myself that I can not sign up for another cyberclass until I finish this one.

I have put some time in on the Purple Thread Needle book.  I have to finish this up as it is in the way on the floor of the sewing room.  I should just have a day when I don't stitch anything and just clean up.

I started the back cover of A Case of Indian Ink.

I also started the Cherished Stitches Limited Edition kit.  I'm not sure I like the fabric.  It is a 34 count and the kit says to use two strands.  The photo doesn't show the true color.

I think there is not enough room for two strands.  So, what to do?  I can change to one strand or substitute a different fabric.  I'm kind of leaning toward doing both actually.  The kit fabric is grey and doesn't do much for me.  I enjoy substituting Hand Dyed Fibers for regular threads.  We'll see...


  1. Hi Amy,

    I was so happy to see your Pink Lemonade piece. I just got it in San Antonio and started it this morning! I had never seen it before- don't know how I missed such a pretty one! Yours looks great! Nancy

  2. Hi Amy,
    You are doing well on finishing up WIPs. I like the strawberry. What do you mean by a new method of twisted cord? I've never heard of any plurality of methods. Perhaps you could do a tutorial?? Have a great weekend.