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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hemmed In

I thought about saving the hemstitching on Mute But Not Silent for the trip.  I started it and I couldn't stop!  I am about three stitches from finished.  It looks way different since I trimmed off the extra fabric.  I like the finished edge a lot.  Now, what to do with it?  Frame it?  I'm not sure.  I will probably take it to the Retreat for Show and Tell night.  I want to put some hanky linen on the back - so you can't see my messy stitching.  Amy Mitten had that on the back of hers and it made it look so nice and neat.  I'm not sure where to get hanky linen.  I looked at Joann Fabrics and didn't see any.  I know Delectable Mountain has it and I will be there in October.

Okay, so what else did I do?  I took out the temari balls and worked on the small one.  The large one needs more thread wrapped around it.  I really want to get the full benefit of the class by finishing all three of the temaris.  I am being more careful this time with the measuring.  This temari is way easier than the first one.  Maybe because I have more confidence working it.  I think I've "caught on" as to how to do it.

I kitted up three things to take with me on my trip.  Why do I have a fear of running out of things to stitch??

I wonder if the Retreat Center has TV's in the room and WiFi.  DH is going to get out the suitcase today.

I won a great limited edition kit on the Bay of Evil.  It will be fun to do.  It even has a pair of scissors in it.  I'll show you when I get it.


  1. Look forward to seeing your finished Mute Not Be Silent - it looks fabulous! I don't think there is WiFi or a TV, but since this is my first time too I'm not 100% sure...

  2. Well done on the Mute But Not Silent finish. I do hope you thoroughly enjoy your retreat and look forward to the photos on your blog.

  3. I love your finish, and the hemstitching looks gorgeous! Its a technique I've always admired, but never been brave enough to try.