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Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's always sad when things come to an end.  I had a great time at the Needlework Guild of Minnesota Retreat.  So many people were very kind to me.  There were lots of people that I am getting to know better.  But I want to get back to my regular life.  To my own bed and bathroom.  I want a good tasty meal.
Getting to the airport is over an hour trip.  My BFF has offered to drive an hour to get me and then another hour or so to get me to the airport.  I don't want her to have to do that so I ask around and I find a ride with Sarah H.  She is taking Orna to the airport too and I can ride with them.  So Sunday morning I get up early and get all ready to go.  We make good time getting to the airport as there is very little traffic.  I have three hours to kill before my plane.  I have plenty of stitching to keep me busy.  Einstein Bagels is my favorite airport eatery.  So I have an asiago bagel for breakfast.  Luckily the lady at the register speaks English (last time I was there, she didn't).
I get on the plane, no problem.  I always worry when flying stand-by.  An hour and I am home!
After getting settled and unpacking the suitcase it is time to look at the mail.  I have a package!  It is the Bay of Evil limited edition kit I won.  It is by Cherished Stitches.

I have had several classes with Louise and she is a very nice lady.  I love that this kit has everything you need to get stitching.  There are even scissors in the kit.  It is just like Louise to put everything in a box.

  Then I have two issues of Sampler and Antique Needlework that I subscribed to last month.  After seeing Jackie's sample of the  A Case of Indian Ink, I want to make it and the project is in the fall issue.  I could have ordered the kit from Jackie that but it was 110 dollars and I might not get it for a very long time - like six months.

I also got the latest issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Sometimes I wonder why I subscribe as I never make anything from the magazine.  The real reason is that I want to get the ornament issue, even though I rarely make anything out of that either.
I was so exhausted from my trip that I nearly fell asleep taking to Son#2 and Claire at our regular Sunday Google Talk.

Things I learned at NG of MN Retreat:
1.  You can exist without computer, phone, and TV.  Although it gets old after a while.
2.  The people at the retreat were so nice to me.  Is it Minnesota?  Is it stitchers?   People around here aren't that nice.  A lady offered to pick me up at the airport and let me stay overnight at her house if I wasn't able to get on my plane and she doesn't even know me!  It makes me teary eyed to think of how good everyone was to me.
3. Some people have fushia color houses, get married in pink cowboy boots while on horseback as the minister is sitting in a car with the window rolled down. ( Mikki had the best stories.)
4.  Freeze dried okra is nasty.  We got the biggest laugh when Mikki was reluctantly reaching in to the bag of freeze dried okra to try a piece and just as she touched a piece her phone buzzed and she jumped a mile.  It was hilarious.
5.  There is always something new in the world.  It is mind boggling to see all the wonderful projects that people are doing.  Kim's quilt, Dolci beads, Cheryl's book box. Lee's pincushion
6.  There are so many things I want to do.  I need to live to be a hundred to do them.
7.  Home is best but it sure is fun to get away once in a while.
8.  Stitchville USA is the best shop that I know of.
9.  How can Jody mainline peanut M & M's and still be thin???

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