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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I've Been Framed

I am a dyed in the wool in-hand stitcher.  But I know for the Cabinet of Curiosities projects I will probably need a hoop or a frame.  Sherri Jones told me about a hoop that she has that she can sit on so that both of her hands are free to stitch or whatever.  (She is left-handed, that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand but I find that interesting.)  So I've been looking around at needlework frames.  I saw the frame my BFF had at Spring Fling.  It took a long time to set up but had split rails so that you didn't have to lace the linen on or use staples or anything.  I found an Edmunds frame that I wanted to try and it wasn't that much - especially with the 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby's site.  So I ordered it.  I put it together all by myself.

 I have been trying it out on the A Case of Indian Ink project from Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine.  I am cheap when it comes to wasting linen and I started this project in hand and close to the edge of the linen.  So it wasn't easy getting it in the frame.

This project is done over one on 35 count. (Am I crazy?)  So you can't really do the sewing method, you have to stab and pull.  I tried doing it over two just to see what it looked like but I liked the more delicate over one.
I didn't know if I could get used to using a frame.  This one is pretty good.  I am almost done with one of the outside pieces.
It is slower using a frame but I can handle it.  I still have to get used to tightening the wingnuts so that the fabric is very taut and stays that way.
I think it is a good thing to be open to new ways of doing things instead of staying the same old familiar rut.  But I still like stitching in-hand best.


  1. Hang in there! You will get used to the frame. If you iron your linen before putting it your frame, it will stay perfect and you will not have to press it afterwards or worry about colors running when ironing.

  2. Amy, I always use a small circular or oval hoop and move it to the area I am stitching. I've only once tried a "sit on frame" and it soon found a home at my friend's house as I couldn't get along with it. Good luck I look forward to hearing your progress.

  3. Looking so much forward to see the progresses of your projects!
    Always reads your blog and are so impressed with your lovely works, and exciting designs.
    I have also the India Inc project soon on the go, am still pndering about what to put on front of Needlecase where the scrimshaw piece is to be(don´t have that).

    The frame you will get comfortable with I am sure, it takes little time. A little help maybe: put a stripe of self-adhesive tape of some kind along the split rail, where you fold the linen over, and it will help to prevent slips.

    Keep up the beautiful work!