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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paying Stupid Tax

Every once in a while I do something really dumb.  I knew better and I just did it anyway.  That's what happened with the Mary Engelbreit ornament for Claire.  I cut off a hunk of material that I thought would be big enough.  I didn't measure or calculate or anything.  "This will probably be enough", I thought to myself.  Well, It wasn't.  Now I am paying stupid tax.  I spent all yesterday working on this and it was turning out well.

But the end of the wing is five threads from the edge.

I will console myself with the  fact that this is bigger than I thought it would be, bigger than what I wanted for an ornament  I have three versions of the chart for this ornament.  One from a kit and two from a book.  So I can stitch it again (ARGH) from a smaller chart if I want.  I can truncate the end of the wings just a bit or I can pitch it.  I hate to see my time and effort wasted. Not sure what I'll do.  Maybe I'll choose a different ornament to make.

I tried coloring the top design of the double casket.

I don't really like this design as it looks like it has been resized badly.  That flower looks squatty - wider that it is tall.  I think I'll change this design.  My original idea was a flowered oval with my initial "A" in the middle.  It really does help to color the design to get more of an idea of what it will look like.  I think that will be our homework for Lesson 5 - coloring our designs.  I have found out that Lesson 5 may be delayed due to computer problems.  I'm glad to know that as I will be less disappointed on Saturday if it is not posted.

Oh, well back to the drawing board.



  1. sorry about the ornament stitching going so badly for you, it is such beautiful one and I love the colouring.
    Maybe you can, when you mount and finish it, add a bit of lovely cotton lace on that left side and get the linen edge hidden under the lace...
    I am sure you will come up with a great finish in the end.
    Also love to see the progress on your casket, what a big project, it will be a true treasure for you.
    Keep up the spirit!

  2. Oh dear. How disappointing. I do hope you find a solution, Colouring in the design of the casket it s a brilliant idea. Sure makes it seem so much more real and will no doubt help with final decisions. Good luck.

  3. Don't throw it away! I think you might be able to apply iron-on interfacing to the back of the angel and then cut it out 1 thread away from the black backstitching and then attach it to some other fabric or something like that. I have no idea how big it is but it could be appliqued on to an afgan or scarf or pillow or box top or t-shirt or P.J.s or it could become an insert in a Christmas Card or????