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Monday, August 13, 2012

NG of MN Retreat - Day One

I love flying out later in the day as there is no rush to get ready or get up before dawn.  DH took me to the airport in the afternoon.  I was just a bit nervous as I was flying stand-by.  But there was no problem, lots of  available seats on the plane.  The flying was great as we got into Minneapolis 40 minutes ahead of schedule.  So it was an easy hour flight.  Son#1 met me at the airport and we went to this yummy place to eat dinner.  It was a little early so the place was fairly empty. As you walk into the restaurant there are chickens on a spit  roasting over a wood fire.  It smells wonderful.  I talked Son#1 into trying the artichoke dip and he liked it.  We had a great dinner.

When I go out to eat I usually get dessert.  Life is too short.  So I got this fabulous molten chocolate dessert and talked Son#1 into having a bite.

My BFF met us at the restaurant and we started our trip out to the Retreat Center.  My BFF told me that Stitchville USA is just a very short hop off the highway on our way.  Then I realized that I had accidentally left my glasses in Son#1's car.  Oh no!  I can't stitch without glasses!  So more reason to stop and checkout Stitchville's new location.  We had only a half an hour to see the new place as they close at 8 p.m.  It was so fun to go to a shop that has everything.  So many fibers, so little time.  What a great store!  I got some new readers and some pearl cotton in a color I could not find at my LNS.  I resisted all other temptations.

We had a good laugh as we were finally on our way to the Retreat Center.  Son#1 called and said someone from the retreat had called him wondering where we were.  But we assured him we were fine and on our way.

The retreat center is located in a beautiful setting. Check out the rainbow.  It is on a lake in a very small town.  Many years ago a man had given his house to the Catholic Church and they use it as a retreat center.  Several additions have been built onto it.  It is a very interesting place.  The rooms are spartan. A twin bed.

 No TV.  No telephone.  No locks on the doors except on the inside.  So you could only lock the door if you were in the room.  No WiFi except in the lobby.  This was not a hotel.  My BFF gave me a tour.  I wanted to know where the classroom was for my class the next day.
I was tired and very happy to have made it to the retreat.  Tomorrow:  My first class.


  1. Pleased to hear reports of the retreat and I look forward to the next episode.

  2. We had a wonderful weekend, didn't we? It was so good to see you again Amy!