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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mute and Silent

I finished Mute But Not Silent!  Yeah!  I am pulling out and reweaving in threads for the hem stitching that is around the edge.  I can't believe I actually factually finished it.  Whew.
Now I am ready to work on the Cabinet of Curiosities kits that might come this week.  It is good to have this big project out of the way.
I spent last night taking care of a few things I have let go for a while, like threading my serger.  Sergers are a bear to thread.  When a thread breaks or runs out it is a nightmare to get it all set again.  It took me a while and I was sweating ( and cursing) when I got done but I got it all squared away.  Then I could serge the edge of some fabric I want to take to stitch on in Minneapolis.

The Claire Banner is all done.  I visualize it hanging on the edge of a shelf or on the Christmas Tree.  It was fun to make.
I want to finish the little purse from With Thy Needle and Thread/Counrty Stitches.  But that means I have to find it first.  I think it is in the laundry basket of current projects.  I'll have to dig down and see.

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