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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Box

I got my box from Cabinet of Curiosities yesterday.  What fun.  I accosted the mailman as he walked up the driveway and he got the idea that I was anxious to get the box.
I cut the tape and open up the priority box to see this:
Nifty.  So I took it out of the priority box.
Then I opened this box.
The paper is a list of off the things in this box. Then I took out the paper.
Everything is packaged very neatly.  I carefully undid the seal.  No I didn't!  I tore it.  I was dying to see what was inside!
Now I feel guilty for showing any more as Tricia wants it to be like Christmas morning for those getting this box.  So if you are in Cabinet of Curiosities, look away now.
There are 64 spools of thread.  All silk.  There are two of each color.  One is Soie de Paris and the other is Soie de Ovale.  I have no idea about this thread.  I have never used it.  The Soie de Paris looks like you would use it like floss as it is 6 ply.  The Soie de Ovale is very shiny and looks like it would be gorgeous for satin stitch.
Then there are various assorted bags with a pen and needles (three kinds).  What the heck is webgimpe?  An edging of some sort.
There are many bags of fabric.  Ultrasuede, silk velvet, silk dupioni, several types of linen and finishing supplies like skirtex and batt.
And there is a special souvenir! And there is one more special thing.  You'll have to wait until next week to see it.
What a teaser I am!

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  1. I just found your blog and am loving your projects! Can't wait to see more about the casket! And you finished your Amy Mitten piece while mine is sitting in the WIP basket :(