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Monday, August 20, 2012

Birds of a Feather

I did some sewing on my Sue Spargo kit to get ready for the class in September.  I called the shop as I didn't know how big to make the seam allowance.  I'm not sure they know either but we agreed on a quarter inch seam.   So now it is all sewn together and I hand stitched the bird down.

I was surprised at how easy it was to sew the bird on.  I sewed my version together but haven't appliqued my bird yet.

I'm making them in parallel.  I'm thinking of how I want to embellish them. I want just the right color (or colors) of overdyed pearl cotton.
When you put something down and then come back later, you are seeing it with new eyes.  That's what happened with the second temari.

I went to do the sunflower on the other end and I realized that my first sunflower didn't look like the picture.  Why didn't I notice this before?  I thought, oh my, I can't see the darkest color peeking through on the petals.  So I tried putting the threads much closer together.
I guess this temari is a learning one too.  See how much bigger the first one is compared to the second one?

I am much happier with the second sunflower.  Now the question is, do I take out the first one?  Or am I too lazy?  Or do I call it a learning/different style sunflower?  I'll probably take it out and redo it.

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  1. Amy, I like your version of "the bird" best and am interested to see what you mean by embellishments. You have convinced me that I will not be trying Temari Balls any time soon - they are obviously much more complicated than I could cope with.