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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Box in a Box

Last week I promised to show you the last thing in the Cabinet of Curiosities Kit 1 box.
It is a small box.  It is like a baby casket.  Those four little balls are the box's feet.  There is a little escutcheon (lock?)  What a fun idea - to practice for our caskets by covering a small box with stitching!  I can't wait.  Dealing with a small box is much less scary (I am less afraid that I will screw it up) than with a very expensive large casket.  I wonder how we will attach the stitching to the box.  What design will we do?

I finally got my order from SBB.  I have become more interested in Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle designs since this casket class has started.  I have bid on some of her designs on the Bay of Evil but not won any so I ordered some instead.

 I think they are done more in a traditional way.  I also got a cute little strawberry design from GPA.  I am enamoured of strawberries.

It is a lovely day here.  I have so many lovely things to work on.  I want to start the Cherished Stitches limited edition kit.  
Hope you have a fun day!


  1. Hi Amy,
    I follow your adventures for some time now but rearely post - shame on me!
    It seems to me that your stitching retreat was lots of fun - and that you managed to jump your bank account ;-).
    I was really interested on reading your stories about that stitchers casket you're trying to make. Where did you get the idea from? Is it a class or are you doing this entirely on your own? That Cabinet of Curiosities sounds intriguing but I can't find any information about it. Is it a shop or ...?
    Have a nice day!

    P.S.: Don't we all need to get to 100 in order to finish everything we have? ;-)

  2. Amy, that mini casket is so cute. I wonder what you will stitch on this one. Looking forward to progress reports :-)