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Sunday, July 1, 2012


I got up at 7 and checked my computer for Lesson 3 of Cabinet of Curiosities.  Not yet.  It finally came through about 10:30 and I just spent an hour and a half reading and looking through it.  I'm not done yet but it has given me much food for thought.  I love learning all the stuff about caskets even though mine will be a modern design. It is interesting to read about design principles.  Some years ago I took a design class with Jack Beal who is a well known painter.  I learned a lot about design from him.  As I was looking at the caskets I couldn't help but think that they were what he would call a "fruit salad" designs.  Bunches of stuff all thrown together.  We received many more pages of motifs to print and cut out and arrange.  I still want to do mine in cross stitch as I don't trust my embroidery skills.  I am interested to see her designs for the caskets.  I thought they would come out this month but maybe it is next month.

I tried out a different floss for my Beautiful class.  It is a varigated Vicki Clayton silk and a bit darker than the kit one.  I am up to the letter "G".

I also tried a different color of floss for Briar Rose.  I had some Waterlilies Cherry Cordial handy (on the floor) and I like that on my second flower.  I wonder if I can make each flower a different rosy color and if that would look okay.

I finished the second sunflower and can start the third one on my first (of three) temari.

PJ wondered about my Make most of Time strawberry.  It is a Historical Needlework Guild design sometimes found on ebay.  I changed the floss colors though.

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  1. Amy, I love the temari ball - gorgeous bright sunflower. Your floss swaps look great - you have a good eye for colour.