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Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Excellent Sunday

I worked hard yesterday on my class pre-stitching.  Mostly I worked on Briar Rose.  I finished up the outside edge stitching.  It is supposed to be done with cross stitches but I am just doing tent stitches.  What can I say, I am a rebel.  Then I worked on the vine.  I got going and I wanted to get all the way around.  The worry always is, will it match up? I got it to match up with just an extra stitch or two.   As I worked I realized that I made a mistake way back on the second flower that I stitched. Nope, not changing it (at least not at this point!)  See if you can see it.  I bet you won't notice.  I am almost done with the 12th flower.  So the countdown continues, 12 flowers to go.

I finished the top section of Beautiful.

I counted the different overdyed silk flosses I used, seven different ones.  I am happy with it how it looks.  The colors all seem to go together.

 I'm hoping the finishing material will mesh with what I have used.  I have my fingers crossed.  I'm afraid that the next section will be boring.  I have to read how to do the buttonhole looking parts.

I finished the 4th sunflower. It is my favorite one so far.  Just a bit of bling on the triwings and the first temari is done.  Yeah!  The second temari is smaller.

These are the flowers that I got yesterday at the Farmer's Market.  Such a deal.  You can get a bouquet for five dollars.  Can't beat the price.  How nice to have some cheery flowers on the kitchen table.

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