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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm an Architect

I got busy yesterday and made a model of the flat casket with foamboard.  It wasn't too hard to do as I have a wonderful tool - a foamboard cutter.

 It will cut straight down or at an angle.  So I taped it all together and with only a few minor adjustments I have a foamboard casket.

 I tried taping on the template edge but that looked very messy so I took it off.

I have been trying various parts of Sandy Orton samplers to see what looks good together.  Most of the charts are black and white so it is a little hard to tell what it would look like.

One thing I learned from this exercise is that there is a lot of stitching area.  Also, it is hard to get everything in appropriate size.  A cow that is smaller than an iris?  How will that look?

I imagined that the casket was larger than it is.  I thought it would be squatter than it is.  I guess a better way to say that is that it is taller than I imagined.

Here is Briar Rose all ironed and nice and neat.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I won't miss all that over one stitching, that's for sure.

I am working on the last few rows of Beautiful.  It is going well.  It feels absolutely huge compared to working on Briar Rose.  I think I can get this done with in a few more days.

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  1. I Love the idea of a 3D model caskeet. That will make it much easier to plan won't it? Antique caskets and samplers didn't seem to have much idea of perspective so maybe an iris could be bigger than a cow?