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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturday's are very busy!  It is the day I sit down and pay bills.  Then it is off to the Farmer's Market.  I hurry back to get to Pilates.  Then home finally to play.

I finished the "A" as in Angel and "I" as in Ice Skates for Claire's Christmas Banner.  Now I am starting "R" as in Reindeer.

I am sick of roses!  Repetitive patterns are not very interesting.  I have memorized the rose pattern and am slowing plugging along.  There are slightly more than 4 roses left.  I guess if I worked on them all day I could be done.  But (whine) they are boring.  So my goal today is to start two new ones.

The countdown has started on Beautiful.  I think I miscounted the buttonholes.  In total there are 62.  I have 16 done.  So there are 46 to go.  ARGH.  I'm glad to have all the basting done and most of the pin stitches on the edge.  The goal today is 10 more buttonholes.

I felt lazy so I used my sewing machine to stitch the lining to the second bookmark.  I have just a bit of hand sewing on the bottom to finish and then I'll be ready to do the woven edge using my third hand.

I downloaded the second season of Downtown Abbey.  Maybe I'll watch the first episode this afternoon.

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