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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You know I dislike basting and try to get out of it at every opportunity.  However, Beautiful is a big project and the basting is helping me to not get lost.  Also it is over 4, under 4, so it goes fast.  Once the basting is in I can do the buttonholes.  I tried out the stitching and put in two of the buttonholes.  There are quite a few to put in.  This center section only has the basting and buttonholes. It should go quickly.

I worked a bit on the three flowers I started yesterday.  I should finish those three off today.  If I'm good, I'll get another three started.

I finished off Mrs. Hoeksma and her teapot.  Now on to the letters.  I haven't figured out why there is an "E" and an "S" above her,  maybe that is her initials.  I'll have to check the story.

I have a lot done on Mute But Not Silent.  I would say it is two thirds done.  

I fished around and found the Prairie Schooler Christmas alphabet book.  I want to make a little banner of "Claire" using those letters.  They should be easy and quick to make.

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